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my point ehhhh??

Friday, February 25, 2011 0
Choosing a suitable life partner (based on what my opinion during MUET class)

On 14th February 2011, our MUET teacher, Mr. Felix give us task about what are the most young people nowadays are interested in. The point that they choose me to do is ‘choosing a suitable life partner’. And this is my point of view based on movies.
-          Someone they can have a better future.
Maybe because during their childhood they saw how much their parent hurt because didn’t choose wisely and their parent didn’t had a change to choose for their own.
-          Someone who can take care of them
They wanted someone who can be with them in old day. Holding hands, dancing, have a walk in the park; spend more time before something does them apart.
-          Someone they fall to and cannot live without
They found someone who fulfilled their emptiness in life, someone who they can count on when in dangerous, someone who can comfort in bad days. They are like puzzle. For an example, when a man is tired after working, when he reached home, their someone who can prepare food for him, do some massage and didn’t tell him more bad news. When he wanted to talk, she will be there and listen and he will be so glad being at home and think he is ‘home sweet home’ and feel so lucky he married that woman.
For woman, when her husband spend most of his time working she hope that when he get home, he feel glad that she had prepared dinner and do him a massage and share his so-busy-day with her. At that time, she’ll realize that he is the handsomest guy in the whole world. She feels so lucky she married to him.

Well, this is what I saw on movies, doesn’t mean anything personal. It might not work as I write or it will never happen. Maybe it work the other way. I don’t know. Perhaps someday I will understand, maybe when I am in their shoe. I never yet had been thinking of it. I’m still young, long way to go.


W.H.E.N (my short explanations toward my unintentional actions)

-          When I didn’t ask what you wanted to tell me about something, it doesn’t mean that I forget.
It mean that I don’t want you to remember how much hurt it had caused you.
-          When I didn’t ask you how do you do, it doesn’t mean that I stop care about you.
It means that I know how you feel about your life by the looking of your face.
-          When you tell me something and I didn’t give advice or comment, it doesn’t mean that I’m not interested or what.
It mean that I am afraid to tell you what to do because I know how much it hurt and I am afraid to give a false hope. But most of all, it is because, I cant over come mine and I don’t want to tell you what to do when I haven’t succeed in doing so.
-          When we are having fun together and suddenly I’m down, it doesn’t mean that you upset me or what.
It means that I maybe hurt inside but I don’t want to share my burden
-          When I am having fun with other, it doesn’t mean that I forgotten of your existence or I am mad at you.
It mean that it is time for me to forget about something that bother me and I don’t want to hang up with you because I am afraid I might tell you.
-          When you share something and I didn’t share mine, it doesn’t mean that I don’t trust you.
It means that I don’t want to share mine because it makes me more miserable thinking of my problem.
-          When I didn’t help you with home work like dishes, it doesn’t mean that I am not responsible.
It mean that I am busy with something else (way more important than doing dishes) and I will surely feel bad for not completing my responsible. Sorry. .
-          When I went home and leave quickly, it doesn’t mean that I hate being at home.
It means that I hate seeing you. Hate seeing the unpleasant expression written on your face. I don’t you to see me at my weakness because I want to think that I am brave and old enough to controls my emotion.  
-          When I stop telling you or didn’t tell you that I love you, it doesn’t mean that I don’t.
It means that I wanted you to find it out yourself and I am telling you without words. (I will never stop loving you. Time will tell.)

Friends and families, no matter what happen between us, you still have a place in my heart. When you entered that door, forever you’re in. we maybe far in distance but never in our heart. Distance and time can separate us apart but the strongest feeling human being had bear to each other, make us even closer. It is what I called ‘L.O.V.E’



Sometimes in life, I wonder why I am been given obstacles that I can’t endure. I won’t blame God because I knew He won’t do it for any reason. I keep asking, WHY ME? GOD I CAN’T STAND. Sometimes it hurt so much. I’ve been thinking to leave this place for good. Run away from the pain I feel, avoiding meeting them. I want to cry out loud, scream as loud as I can. I want to blame someone for the pain I felt inside me. At the end of my tear, I found that I can’t blame anyone. I knew I won’t blame anyone. At that point, I know, He is by my side. 
God must know I am stronger than I thought, so he gave me obstacles that I never knew I can survive in.
He wanted to show me, this is what it is to live in a sinful world. He wanted me to know, He won’t leave me alone in my bad day. God never promise that I won’t feel pain, but He promise, He will never leave me in every steps that I makes, every hard time I am struggling in.
Everytime I ask God, WHY, I end up feel blessed, relieved and one thing for sure, He must love me so much, so He show me by that way.
Everytime we fall, when we started asking WHY, think what is the benefit from that incident.
For God so loved the world, He send His only begotten son, so whoever believe in Him shall live in Him, for we may find reason why we love, but God love is even without reason.  
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