Thursday, June 20, 2013

Karma or no karma

Thursday, June 20, 2013
Karma or no karma? You said "someday you'll feel how I feel when you dump me" when the other day you said "your happiness is my happiness" while what you wanted to say are "you'll never be happy without me." You said that it is his karma that he got dumped. That he deserve it because he does that to you. And you even use "I love you so much that I deserve you more than anyone else." ever consider that you are never meant to be?
This is my point
"God has His own plan for you." even when you are nothing but a foetus in your mother womb. He sees what your destiny is. So why karma? What it is not yours, not your. Even if you tie it hard, it will still go away. If it is yours, what the used of tying it? When it comes to getting dump, ever consider that maybe they wanted to be with someone they knew they have choose the right person, or maybe they are not ready for a serious relationship, they freak out or maybe things between you just can't be fixed? No matter how much you try, if it is not yours, it will go away. Why cling on something that will let you go?
Karma or no karma? You decide. Me, I used "consequences". Whatever options we choose there will always be consequences coming - good or bad, who knows? You can't say that he choose the wrong person when you saw she isn't as beautiful as you do, or she is no good than you. What do you know?

But well, this is life; there is always something that never makes sense to you 'mighty' mind. There is always something that drives you to think "I deserve better than they do." you are no human if you never felt that way. Well, I got to admit that, that is how we live our lives. I once read a blog that convince us to use "Lie" in order to survive. For example, when you face failure, you will tell yourself that someday you will succeed - good or bad, who knows? A good example, Thomas Edison with his bulb. or Cinderella wishing for her prince Charming. or maybe waiting for a cat to grow a torn. good or bad, who knows?  


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