Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ko Tua Sudah!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

This year, I’m 19. Am I old? Being 19 is frustrating. By next year, they’ll welcome me  to ‘their’ group. Am I afraid?? No, I’m not. Fear is not it. I'm not sure if I can be, act, think and so on as an adult. Everyone is talking about soulmate at this stage. I don’t hell care about it, maybe someday, but not now. Long way to go. Seeing some of them are taking seriously in their relationship make me fell that I am old. But most of the conversation I hated so much was with this “guy”. He is somewhere I-don’t-care, and said that when he finished studying and came back at this place, lots of us were married. What the hell is on his mind! I’m in form6 doesn’t mean that I don’t have future! Let’s take a look 5years in the future and if that happen on me you can say out loud “I told you so!”
But that is not my point.
When I was a little girl, I used to go to the market with my grandma. The part that I love the most is pretending to called her when she was having a conversation with friends. I called her ‘Ma’ – all of her grandchildren call her this way. Then her friends will ask her “anak ko ka ne?’ of course la she reply “ndala. Anak bongsu sa punya anak ba ne”. Then they reply ‘ohh.besar sda anak c Jack. Yang dulu kana dukung2 lagi. Skarang jalan-jalan sda d kadai”.
Then, when I grew older and whenever I met a family of mine – haven’t met for few years, I’ll get the same ‘compliment’. It happens sometimes when I met someone I haven’t met so long.
Well, at this stage, I can do the same. At least there’s one thing I like about being 19. haha. I then understand why they came out with that kind of sentences. Time past quickly. In a blink of an eye, I’m 19 and those who are 6 when I was in form1, now they are in Year 6. When I first be friend with Kellie, she was a young, with ‘brown’ middle teeth, and shorter. Now, she is almost as my size and I can imagine what will happen 4 years from now. (I’m short but it’s okay)
Well, those who are older than me, I am expecting you to guide me on how to endure life in this stage. Don’t tell me how to walk the walk but tell me what is on the road. For I’m kinda stubborn but I'll keep it in my mind as an alert.


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