Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bored. Bored. Bored ~~

Thursday, October 20, 2011 0
Just stopped my spinning head from walking in a journey with pens, alphabets and white sheets. 
Then I found a machine that has a wonderful function which I used to take this things. XD

He does look sweet but he bother me with his powerful ability that can 
makes my head and my heart races.

My monstrous monster.

What the *&^% is she doing?

And again I met these creatures. What are they doing? I am insane or they're annoying?

Pinky Bear meets Ms. Kutut, then her Bow felt from her head,
then she stole my birthday gift from Teetha.
Bad Pinky Bear..~~

 Anyway, got to go. Times up!! aiya. 

Headache, headache, here I come..~~

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ant Bites!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011 0
Last Saturday ( Oct 8 ), I've been bitten by an ant. wow!!hebat taw.. macam yang kena allergic lagi ne. Merah2 bengkak all over my body!! Sodi!! 
sa kana gigit tym tengah hari (mulau..mcm urg gila lagi sa mingkukut) trus pg Ay, mlm makan sup nahhhhh...tambah sandi.bengkak muka sa!The mums ( aunts Porina, Nauline, Ronnie, Jelinah ) suruh sa ambil itu Daing ( sort of Sirih ), bru kc sapu d  badan.hahaha..

i cant stand it, so I asked my Mummy to fetch me to Hospital, then kana jarum d tangan bah!!XD

sa kana suruh tunggu sampai tu rashes sa hilang, but well do you expect me to wait until it gone ( yg satu badan ada? )? no way! sa kna panggil for the second times and da bg prescription then I go home. nda juga sa kana suruh pulang but he didn't asked me to stay. Haha. tp oke2 sda d. tp sa ngantuk tlmpau!!

the next morning, sa bangun, oke2 sudahlah. skali mo p ambil ubat d Farmasi, tutup bh pula. bru p d dua klinik tp gyla ramai urang!! jd sa sampai rumah tiiiidddduuuuuurrrrrrrrr... jam2 sa bangun trus pg mandi Daing. wwwwooooooowwwww!! sa trus sembuh!!mcm magic..XD gumbira sudah d..

tp kn AY klmrin yg paling menang.. kmi p d saaaaaannnnnnnnnnaaaaaa Lingkabau dekat2 Gana.. siukk uhhhh.. sejuk mcm d Kundasang!!XD 
nanti sa kc tingu gambr..XD

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blue Sky. .

Sunday, October 2, 2011 0
I remembered how blue the sky was. And you should too. Dark came by but nothing will ever replace my memories about blue skies. I just want you to know that it will never fade...

The storm may come, the cloud may cover it, and the night will make it disappear but none would ever steal my blue sky.

I can feel the breeze and the thunders are striking from above, but the pictures of blue sky never leave.

I, maybe living in a new world where there’s hope for tomorrow’s blue sky but it can be just hope. It had been raining all the times. Sometimes with storm or thunder, but there are times I saw the sun shines and the skies turned blue. I know for sure I hoped it will last – even with drizzle. I won’t mind.

How it feels like been given a second change for walking in a green field with summer buds on it, blue sky above it and a stream passing it through? I get the picture but would I ever capture it?

Walking in the rain may sounds great but you’ll catch a cold if you keep doing it – and I hate walking in the rain. Even so, I’ll keep walking and won’t turn back until I see the blue sky. Even if I can’t see it above me at least I did try to be there – saw it from here.

Oh, I miss looking at the blue skies from my window - when I won’t have to walk in the rain, catching a cold and running to the higher places for a glimpse of a blue sky.  

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