Monday, December 5, 2011

BeLieVe In YouRSelF!!

Monday, December 5, 2011 0
2 more paper and I'm done - no more school, no more school uniform, no more extra classes, no more annoying classmates, no more homework, less stress. but the 'no more' things makes a solitary, melancholic, and boring me. what to do? I plan to read a lot of books, watch Korean drama, watch TV 24/7, play games and planting some flowers - for real. thinking of my 'to-do-list-after-school-end', twisted my stomach. uhhhhh. ~~
it haven't end yet, yet i miss it do damn much - the 'no more'. I can't believe it ends so fast - 15 years. WOW!! 0.0

not yet la. still long way to go. but think of it. you spend almost all your life times for it and yet it feels just like yesterday. You have mixed feeling towards school. " My school, my home". at home you learn a lot of lessons and so do at school. you sleep at home so do at school. you eat at home and same goes at school. you play, jump there and there, sing that and this, say 'yes' and 'no', you cry you laugh and you even shout out loud. 

aaahhhhhh.. me being sentimental. need to stop.

anyway, i've been thinking of writing a short story. need to do a lot of research for that. wish me luck!^^

few more minutes before 6. I'm off to KFC!!Yeahhh..kna blnja..XD

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