Sunday, March 17, 2013

Can a chicken be a duck?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Can a hen hatches eggs of the duck? Can a little chicken live a life living its life as a duckling? Can a chicken swim on the pond like the duckling do? Can a chicken learn to quack like a duck? Can a chicken eat like a duck?
Nor did I know. Just to think of it, a chicken followed a mother of duck, it must be hard for her to walk like a duck – sway their butt and have a weird walk. It must be hard for the little chicken to accept how small she is compared to her siblings. It must be hard for the little chicken to look for foods because chicken use feet while duck use their beak.
Do you think Cinderella live happily ever after as stated? Does she found it easy to be a wife of a prince – living in a castle, have maids and everything is under watch of her guard – living a life he never thought of, a life that she wasn't taught? What does she knows, she is not yet a woman when she made such decision. A young girl indeed. Do you think she found it easy to have such man as a husband – running a country, too often away from her?

She must have missed her own home. She must felt the same thing as her father left her alone with the step-family members. The other people in the castle have teach her this and that, dos and don'ts, and so on. I believe there is a time she wishes to go home and simply having her former life – sweeping the floor, wash the dishes and clothes, being locked in her room and read books, talks with the animal. For it means nothing much difference now that his husband always been away. It must be hard for her for she have no one close in that place. Even if she got herself several maids, but maids surely know their place.
Maybe, Snow White finds it easier, because she is a princess before.

But my oh my, how hard it is being a queen? – your man is the nation ruler and can ask anything you wanted to for, of course, you are, yourself the queen! And again, life is a matter of preference. Do you find it is your dream to be a queen? Not mine! Mine is a mere life where I can do anything I wanted. To be a queen, eyes are everywhere, you may even live in terror (someone may kidnapped you or your children) or even a little mistake will lead to a hot issues for your people. Can a queen have a walk in the street and enjoy the scenery as long as you wish – and the most important thing without others to interrupt your day? A queen is a queen. She has to be pampered, to be bow down to, and to be praise and worship. Not to be left alone, not to let her hurt, not to let herself doing too much works. That’s at least not the life I wanted! I wanted to live my life the fullest, to be able to feel how to fall so I know how to stand up; to be able to feel alone so I know how bad it is they must have felt when their children of family left them alone; to be able to be called ‘ugly’ so I know what is it to take to be ‘beautiful’; and most of all to be able to sometimes to need to endure pain so it is an implication that I am alive. I live in a sinful world where I longed to go to a place; a home where He had has made for us. A place where there are no more tears, pain and departures. A place called ‘My Heavenly Home’. “There are many homes up there where my Father lives, and I am going to prepare them for your coming. When everything is ready, then I will come and get you, so that you can always be with me where I am,” said He.

But to think of it, it must be good, really good indeed; to have a man who have found your other part of shoe and put it on your foot. More likely he is the man who has everything. When the life you live now is not the life you should have and he is the only way out. The prince, he is the love-at-first-sight for Cinderella. She and he had fallen in love. And yes, love is blind. Not because there is no eyes, but things can be beyond what you have seen or learned. Romeo and Juliet as an example, they know they shouldn't have let themselves fall more into their love struck, and again, love is blind. Not because they don’t have eyes, but because love doesn't need eyes – you need your heart, feeling. And where does their story end? Dead bodies and family reunite. If only Romeo knew her plan at the first place, it would be different. And another example the story of Queen Elizabeth, whose mother stole a woman’s man and promise him a son and a great descendent but she had none but a daughter but her daughter, Elizabeth herself had become a great Queen. Unfortunately, the mother was executed for a sin of adultery. Life. It is always an A for a B,  pro and contra. A yin and a yang. An ugly for the beauty. For ugly means nothing without beauty.
 And Cinderella, after became a queen, even if she regrets it afterwards, she can’t.  We live in a sinful world, where nothing is perfect!

It is not bad to dream high, but sometimes, it may be just an illusion – I live a life with the knowledge that things just don’t happen and magic can just sometimes be an illusion. And if someday, any fairy tales story be you destiny, you are one lucky person! 


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