Friday, October 8, 2010


Friday, October 8, 2010
Yesterday, the buffalo’s catcher came (I don’t know whether they got specific name). They’ve caught one and tie it on a tree. But it didn’t trying to run away not even struggling to do so. I feel amazed. I don’t know why they want that buffalo. I went home and have a chat with my grandma.

She started telling stories. .

“When I was young, when I’m about to do rubber tapping, a baby buffalo come and lick my hand. Then I pat him way from to tail. He didn’t resist. From that day, he followed me around. When he grows a little bit larger, I let your uncle to take care of him. Until one day, he tied the buffalo on a tree. A week later, I’m curious and anxious because I haven’t seen that buffalo ever since he tie him. I asked him whether he did untie the buffalo. He says nothing. I went to the tree and saw the buffalo. He didn’t make any movement. The rope is all around his neck. I found him dead. It really broke my heart.”

I bet that buffalo are important to her. Maybe his absence cheers up her life.
She continued her story.

“There’s a time when the biggest buffalo that we got gone missing. I asked your grandpa whether he knew something. It’s really annoying when he says nothing. I found out, he sold the buffalo without even asking or telling me about it. It hurts me too.”

I don’t know what the perfect word to respond toward her stories. These buffalo are something to her life.
It’s really weird accepting that human and animal can have such a great connections. Relationships that even human are incapable to ignore. I know how much it hurts when we lost someone but not on an animal. But I bet she hurts so much. Her face shows. We never know how much it is, I guess.

Well, that is not my point.
When I’m still in kindergarten, when I went home (it’s just across the street) I saw my brother feeding the buffaloes. I don’t know what got into his head, with his ‘pride’ he hold the buffalo’s torn and say “tingu bah sa pigang ne tanduk karabau”. Then the buffalo let go of his torn and ‘hit’ my bro with his torn. He fall and started to cry. My grandma takes him away and ‘give him a lesson’. He didn’t stop crying and complaining he’s in pain. She ends up giving him panadol. It was really funny. I laugh until I hurt my stomach. He never does that again. I think he got his lesson.hahahahaha

One thing that reminds me of buffalo is whenever I fed them, the give me a smile in return. I’m not lying. They really did. Their smiles are really funny. But, I can’t deny, they got a very beautiful eyes. Their baby is cute. Small and ‘fat’. I know it sound crazy, but they are!!
My grandma told me before, the buffalo aren’t afraid of you, if you just want to pass through them. They pretend you are not around and even give you a smile. I remembered, one night, (between 2-5 years ago), it’s Friday night, me and my friend (Amber, Ann, Lynda, Max, Mitchell, Eka and Ronald), are about to go a place where we use to watch for stars, and it is a field (use to), then I brings candle along, for building a fire to ‘scare’ the buffalo and mosquitoes away (why haven’t I thought to bring matches instead of candle). We are about to pass through some bunch of buffaloes and they started to run away. What did I do wrong? We are in shock and I guess the buffaloes too and we do run too (to opposite direction of course). Then I heard Amber called me. I thought that she is worrying about my safety because I’m at front. But guess what. She said “Jo..Jo, jaga terpadam tu candle). I stop running and started to laugh. And so do them. I don’t know what makes them laugh, but me, I laugh because of Amber’s saying.xD

There’s times when my cousins are still ‘young’ (Shanti, Tracy and Pamela), they have a chance to ride on the buffalo. But the funny part is they’ve been chase by buffalo once. And ever since that day, they never went nearer to that creature. (I never had such as their experience, but didn’t even have a thought to have some).

My point is, when did the connection, relationship of human and animal especially buffalo stopped? When did they go wild again? Aren’t they used to be friendly?

I think the connection lost when world start to change. The buffalo didn’t. The human didn’t. The world ‘cut’ their special connection.
What kind of world I’m living with?



Great experience you got :)

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