Saturday, October 9, 2010


Saturday, October 9, 2010
Yesterday, at church when we are singing, a bee (with caterpillar in its ‘hand’) came and ‘disturbs’ Marcella. She hates caterpillar (hate is not right. I prefer to call it ‘phobia’). So, I ‘hit’ the bee with LPMI and the caterpillar fall at the window. He looks weak and I bet he’s in shock because he is nearby been eaten by a bee. So, I put him on my booklet (Does God Exist) and bring him outside and put him down in a safer place. Hopefully he won’t be serving as lunch anymore. I save a caterpillar’s life! And it was amazing. Why not? I make a difference. I may not save caterpillar’s life often, but still I make a different for the caterpillar I’d save yesterday. I save a life! Who know the caterpillar will turn into a very beautiful butterfly and inspire someone’s life. Nobody, right?

So, from now on, start saving life. Who know someday they’ll do the same. 


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