Friday, February 25, 2011

my point ehhhh??

Friday, February 25, 2011
Choosing a suitable life partner (based on what my opinion during MUET class)

On 14th February 2011, our MUET teacher, Mr. Felix give us task about what are the most young people nowadays are interested in. The point that they choose me to do is ‘choosing a suitable life partner’. And this is my point of view based on movies.
-          Someone they can have a better future.
Maybe because during their childhood they saw how much their parent hurt because didn’t choose wisely and their parent didn’t had a change to choose for their own.
-          Someone who can take care of them
They wanted someone who can be with them in old day. Holding hands, dancing, have a walk in the park; spend more time before something does them apart.
-          Someone they fall to and cannot live without
They found someone who fulfilled their emptiness in life, someone who they can count on when in dangerous, someone who can comfort in bad days. They are like puzzle. For an example, when a man is tired after working, when he reached home, their someone who can prepare food for him, do some massage and didn’t tell him more bad news. When he wanted to talk, she will be there and listen and he will be so glad being at home and think he is ‘home sweet home’ and feel so lucky he married that woman.
For woman, when her husband spend most of his time working she hope that when he get home, he feel glad that she had prepared dinner and do him a massage and share his so-busy-day with her. At that time, she’ll realize that he is the handsomest guy in the whole world. She feels so lucky she married to him.

Well, this is what I saw on movies, doesn’t mean anything personal. It might not work as I write or it will never happen. Maybe it work the other way. I don’t know. Perhaps someday I will understand, maybe when I am in their shoe. I never yet had been thinking of it. I’m still young, long way to go.


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