Friday, February 25, 2011


Friday, February 25, 2011
Sometimes in life, I wonder why I am been given obstacles that I can’t endure. I won’t blame God because I knew He won’t do it for any reason. I keep asking, WHY ME? GOD I CAN’T STAND. Sometimes it hurt so much. I’ve been thinking to leave this place for good. Run away from the pain I feel, avoiding meeting them. I want to cry out loud, scream as loud as I can. I want to blame someone for the pain I felt inside me. At the end of my tear, I found that I can’t blame anyone. I knew I won’t blame anyone. At that point, I know, He is by my side. 
God must know I am stronger than I thought, so he gave me obstacles that I never knew I can survive in.
He wanted to show me, this is what it is to live in a sinful world. He wanted me to know, He won’t leave me alone in my bad day. God never promise that I won’t feel pain, but He promise, He will never leave me in every steps that I makes, every hard time I am struggling in.
Everytime I ask God, WHY, I end up feel blessed, relieved and one thing for sure, He must love me so much, so He show me by that way.
Everytime we fall, when we started asking WHY, think what is the benefit from that incident.
For God so loved the world, He send His only begotten son, so whoever believe in Him shall live in Him, for we may find reason why we love, but God love is even without reason.  


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