Saturday, March 24, 2012


Saturday, March 24, 2012


I like making an art from anything that crossed my mind. By not planing what to do and just follow your heart - no, not heart, more to your instinct or what-ever-it-called -, gives you something unexpected. 


I choose this pattern because at first, there's only sauce left. For  red suite with heart's shape, so heart it is. Then add some chicken's skin leftover (c ester tu.inda kc abis), which should be as a broken heart but I forgot.hahahahaha. memory ikan emas gitu lo.

Then come to the decoration, the straw I didn't do it on purpose.  Ester  bite the straw until it crumpled that way. She has seldom behaviour of biting things when she has nothing to do, but rare. Then I put it on the plate and tara . .

Well, that's how love works - at least that is how I see it. if you planned to fall in love with someone you'll be happy, but when you let love come to you, you'll be extremely happy. If you planed what will happen during your date, you'll get upset if it didn't work but if it does, you'll have a smile on your face all day long - maybe lasts for few days. But if you just put trust(whatever you think is important) in yourself, and let it go with the flow, it will amazed you - which can drive you crazy and unable to sleep. kali la.  

well, recently, or I should say, just now, I  was listening to cover songs and Boyce Avenue stole my heart. .^^ Siuk tahap dewa laba. If you notice, my songs are Boyce Avenue's. XD
Bah. .enough



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