Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Tuesday, March 20, 2012
I never knew u r such a cry baby. I don't do judging. It just I never 

knew that side of yours. We are not even a close friend but I 

crushed on you few years ago and it didn't even fit the picture. 

Who am I to complain? Hey, you got the wrong idea. I accept you 

the way you are. We're friend, aren't we? It just, knowing you as a 

fragile person changed my perspectives toward other just by a 

glance on their appearance. You seem strong in action but still you 

have a fragile heart. Don't worry, I still respect you like I always 

do. I'm proud of you. Smiley

 The thing is, it stab me knowing that I know you little, 

which mean I don't have the right to  admit I'm your friend. Haiya. .Smiley

* tis silly matter do upset me. Smiley
other wont understand it, but I treasure every relationship I've made. and you are one of the precious one. Smiley


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