Monday, March 19, 2012


Monday, March 19, 2012
It been a while since I wrote anything. Well, recently, I envy friends having such nice and romantic relationship. I’ll be lying if I say “I don’t hell care”. I envy not because I have no one but because I forgot how it to be madly in love is. All I remember are the pain, jealousy and hatred – only the hatred came right after breakup – never falls in love with you best friend If you wish to be his/her friend still. Well, I do want to makes ‘us’ as friend but he ignore me like I’m a kind of virus. He thinks I’ll get the wrong idea if he talks to me. What’s on his mind? I accept we are over – even though my feeling remain the same- but it doesn’t mean we can’t be friend. I just NEED to erase his hatred toward me. Why others can be friend after breakup, why can’t we?

Anyway, I’m attracted to paranormal activities recently. Lemme share a little bit of what I read.
*REMINDER   - don’t keep reading if you can’t handle it. it might come after you or even be part of your dream .

English woman wakes up French

Suffering from the bizarre Foreign Accent Syndrome, a grandmother went to bed suffering from a migraine and woke up with a French accent.
English woman wakes up French %categortA longtime sufferer of migraines, Kay Russell, 49, has always had severe reactions to the infliction with the effects being anything from the inability to move her limbs, to a slurring of her speech.
However since her last migraine, the result has been a constant and unchangeable foreign accent that is unrecognisable to both family and friends.
Doctors say she has Foreign Accent Syndrome, a condition which damages the part of the brain that controls speech and word formation.

(well,there's a case a girl suddenly speak fluently in Chinese and Korea and she had been detected possessed by demon(s). well, I'm not sure about this case.)

Fountain of youth pill

While it may sound like science fiction but researchers believe they have discovered the  ‘Holy Grail’ – an anti-ageing pill that will add decades to our lives.
Fountain of youth pill %categortFurthermore its creator Professor Vladimir Skulachev said it should be available to the public within two years
The Russian scientist from Moscow State University, said the drug works by halting the damaging effects that oxygen can have on the body’s cells.
This would stave off dangerous age-related illnesses thereby adding years to our lives.
The dream of eternal life has been woven into numerous myths over thousands of years. According to legend, the Holy Grail – a cup that was supposedly used by Jesus at the Last Supper – would give immortality to whoever drank from it.

(Problem solve for ageing? maybe)

The girl with magnetic hands

A Serbian schoolgirl has amazed medics with her astonishing magnetic hands.
The girl with magnetic hands %categortTen-year-old Jelena Momcilov has been picking up cutlery, coins and even metal furniture by just touching them at her family home in Zeljusa, since she first discovered her powers five years ago.
Now experts at nearby Nis University have urged scientists to investigate, reports CEN.
“I’d say this is a kind of unknown bio-magnetism. More experts would need to join me and research what this is all about,” said department head Pavle Premovic.

(A little bit weird but my favourite case)

I was about 7 , Maybe , When i heard of this big deal. I was 7 , so i was always scared and easily tricked. One night i was lying in bed , very much asleep , and the sound of my mom and dad\'s door opening woke me up. My dad looked in my room , so i pretended to be asleep. He goes to my mama ,and tells her im asleep.As normal i was very curious to what they were talking about so the following morning i asked. My mom said she though she heard loud banging in the kitchen , so she asked my daddy to go tell me to go back to sleep. But i already was , so they left it alone. I was still about 7 almost 8 and my sister was about 12 , 13. We were by ourself\'s so we took a shower together. When i was rinsin off she said did i hear something. I didnt so i said no. But then i did. The sound of people running up the hallway. i was terrified. But i thought maybe it was our dog , Hidey , Well no , hes put up in his cadge. It kept repeating over and over. Wheneverwe got out it was over. Nothing.. So about a nother year or so we kept hearing and seeing many things. One day i was sitting on the couch and hidey my dog was in his cadge when suddenly Hidey comes running out. I was looking at him when it happend and u swear something or something lifted up the thing and slide it to where it could open. It must of been pretty stong since how this cage is made out of medel.I am horrifed.Orbs in every picture, Sounds , shadows , And more. I also , (This happend last month) Heard somebody say im here. My mama left to go to get her medicine in spartenburg and i was by myslef. It sounded like my mama. Clear as day too. I also heard jayla , linsey .It was my dads vocie. (Whitch was wiwth my mom). I have always been scared! 

(Merely, just an experinced but still gimme goosebump)

Ghost of a Girl Haunts Burning Building

Ghost of a Girl Haunts Burning Building
Click to enlarge 1 photo
In this photograph taken on November 19, 1995, Wem Town Hall in Shropshire, England can is seen burning to the ground. What the photographer didn't expect to film was the image of a semi-transparent young girl, standing eerily in the doorway. Legend says that the girl is named Jane Churm, who died by accidentally setting fire to her own home in the same town in 1667. She's been spotted on several occasions at the sites of burning buildings, just like this one

(this surely gimme goosebump more)

~Well, it's look like the night is not young anymore and I no longer wish to continue this topic.well, at least I did somehow make you guess and wish to read more. right? 
p/s : don't go too far if it's late night. .



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